Posies Bakery & Cafe

Posies is a homestyle bakery and cafe in Portland, Oregon.


Growing up just outside of Washington, DC, just a bit further South and closer to the Maryland/Virginia border, my mother, grandfather and uncle drank Folgers every day, sometimes with half and half, sometimes with creamer, always with sugar.  Coffee wasn't fancy then, and maybe that's what I loved.  I have always loved the experiences that coffee has been a part of more than the nuances of its flavor profile. As a kid, I loved getting up early with my mother, when everyone else was still asleep, and it was just the two of us chatting and drinking coffee while she tested a new biscuit recipe on me.  Or the half full cups left on the counter after rushing out the door.  Or how it brings people around a table, and holding that warm cup makes them want to talk, or read, or just sit and be quiet.  I have always loved that about coffee, tea, pies, cakes… while I know it can be formal, the way we grew up was East coast, with a hint of Southern -- it was always informal, usually barefoot.  We like our coffee with cream and sugar, our tea sweet, and to eat pies or cakes with the whole family around the table and a jar of forks.

So welcome - we're so glad you're here. Grab a fork and join us!

Owner, Posies Bakery & Café